The first REC trading session of 2nd  Quarter of 2013-14 concluded on 31st of July 2013, has witnessed an ascending trend in the buyer’s participation for both Solar and Non-Solar  REC Market. The ongoing hearing at APTEL  where the petition for Non-Compliance of RPO has been filed by both the Wind and the Hydro Association of India, against all the State  Regulators, has definitely contributed to the  revival of the REC Market.

trading july

In comparison to last trading session of June 2013, the buyer’s participation has increased by 37.19% for Solar and 122.67% for Non-Solar.
Despite substantial increase in the inventory of  RECs, the clearing ratio for Non-Solar RECs has increased by 91.88% whereas for Solar RECs it has reduced to 62.46%. Major inventory of solar RECs, resulting to a dip in Clearance ratio, has been contributed from the projects set up in the state of Rajasthan.Nonetheless, with this favorable sign of increase in participation of Buyers from April onwards gives a positive ray of hope for the REC market  and thus look forward to have a matured and  stable trade pattern in the near future resulting in more investments in Renewable Energy Market in India.

trading 4

trading july.jpg2



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