CERC-Order for implementation of RRF Mechanism under CERC IEGC Regulations, 2010 dated january 16,2013

After taking into account Task Force Report to resolve various issues affecting the implementation of RRF Mechanism, CERC notified an Order and its ruling on various suggestions of the Task Force. The salient features of the Order are as below:

a) Point of scheduling/Scheduling Entity:

Task Force suggestion: Identification of scheduling entity (Renewable Generator Aggregator OR Qualified Scheduling Entity)

CERC: Agreed with the suggestion; As per CERC Order the entity could be any of the generators or any other mutually agreed agency.

b) Selection of pooling Stations-

Task force Suggestion-Only those Pooling stations commissioned after May 3, 2010

CERC -Agreed with the suggestion

c) Payment Mechanism-

Task Force Suggestion-Schedule based similar to conventional generators

CERC -Disagreed with Task Force suggestion- To follow actual generation based accounting

d) Issue of multiple contract rates/captive generators

Task Force Suggestion- Recommended a reference rate to be used instead of contract rate.

CERC – Agreed to the suggestion. Fixes Reference rate for NEW Grid as Rs4/kWh and Rs 5/kWh based on average UI rate for FY 2011-12

e) De-pooling arrangement

Task Force Suggestion- Recommended CERC to issue guidelines for sharing of financial implication among generators

CERC – To be mutually agreed between Scheduling entity and generators. In case of disagreement implications to be shared in the ratio of actual generation on a weekly basis

f) Mock Exercise

Task Force Suggestion-1 year mock exercise

CERC-A maximum of 3 to 6 mock exercise

CERC has directed STU/DISCOMs to install ABT meters at all pooling stations and in case not installed, CTU shall install the same at the cost of STU/DISCOM.

Further, CERC has directed to initiate mock exercise w.e.f Feb 1, 2013 and to be commercial operational with effect from July 1, 2013.


Source: MNRE


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