Firstgreen product review: Altivar 312 Solar – Variable speed drives for pumps with photovoltaic arrays



The Altivar 312 Solar drive is designed to help provide drinking water at a lower cost for people with limited or no access to electrical grids.

Embedded functionalities

  • Solar power regulation algorithm (tracking point) for power optimisation related to available sunshine
  • Tank control level probe
  • Under-load control for pump protection in the event of water supplies running dry
  • All-day Run-Stop-Restart mode management
  • Easy-to-use “Sun” menu for fast commissioning
  • Diagnostics and self-protection features

Advanced capabilities

  • Adjustment to pipe length
  • Suitable for all IEC three-phase asynchronous motors
  • Full pump management and protection
  • Advanced parameters for optimized performance
  • Dedicated output for power availability
  • Compatible with grid main supply

Flexible and easy to connect

  • Altivar 312 Solar controls any three phases pumps and motors
  • Compatible with most of existing solar panels
  • The Altivar 312 Solar Sizer wizard helps you choose the best configuration for your installation, whatever the tank volume, bore hole, pipe length
Let the sunshine drive your pump

  • Cost-effective

Performs with a wide choice of pumps and solar arrays available on the market, easy to install and maintain Includes all motor protections and pumping functionalities

  • Autonomous

Simple menus for drive self-adaptation Regulates automatically the flow of the pump depending of
the availability of energy

  • Reliable

Proven technology based on Schneider Electric compact drive range


  • variable speed drive for pumping solutions fed by photovoltaic units
  • variateur pour solution de pompage alimentées par cellules photovoltaiques


Source: Schneider


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