Firstgreen product review: Photoflow – solar and rainwater collection system by NOS


A large number of people in developing countries suffer from a lack of access to electricity and safe drinking water. mexican design consultancy NOS have created ‘photoflow’ a product designed to collect these precious natural resources and to help distribute them to the masses. most developing countries are located near the equator and they receive more sunlight and rainfall than other places, however these basic amenities are not easily available. ‘photoflow’ aims to solve this issue, building upon the designs of existing rooftop containers, the simple device is made from recycled materials and composed of eight identical triangular photovoltaic modules that are mounted on commercial or custom water tanks. assembled together they form an octagon with a slight slope of 3 degrees, which allows water to funnel into the central filter. the water path then continues through a hose that directly flows into the water tank.


each module is equipped with first-generation monocrystalline silicon solar cells covered with an anti-reflective adhesive to protect the photovoltaic semiconductor and minimize the loss of light through reflection. the system integrates an N-type and P-type silicon layers. on top of the outer layer of the glass a nano repellent film is applied to prevent dirt from obstructing light. the water tank is made of recycled polyethylene through rotational molding with a capacity of 400 liters. The inner layer of the tank is covered with a coating that controls the formation of bacteria and fungi to maintain the quality of potable drinking water.


Fig:  Photoflow sunlight and rainfall collection diagram


Fig:   Photoflow solar panel components



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