Firstgreen Product Review –Green first launches low cost Rooftop PV solution which can integrate with existing inverter battery system

We would like to introduce greenfirst power venture. It is subsidiary of Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd, engaged in marketing and installations of rooftop PV systems. Green first has recently come up with solar hybrid charge controller, which can be installed on your existing home inverter and convert existing inverter in to a solar inverter. This hybrid charge controllers are available in various capacities ranging from 12V ,24V ,48V,96V and 120V capacities. The charge controller is specially designed for effective power management and low cost solution to convert the existing inverter in to solar inverter. The hybrid charge controller is an automatically switches the main supply, if the solar PV is not enough to charge the batteries and if grid power is available. It is intelligent enough to charge the batteries primarily through solar power. The system is intelligent enough to control charging and discharging of batteries to a particular level. Some of the specialized features of this system include the following

firstgreen logo

This device is low cost solution to the people who want to return their existing inverter and batter bank and wish to add only the solar panels to their existing inverter system. While talking to the director of greenfirst Mr. Raghvendra Kaushik, it was informed that the home owners can simply convert by using solar PV at their home at fairly low price of 75 rs/watt, which includes complete package of charge controller and PV panels. Green first has been promoting these solar home lightning devices in the states of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Orissa, where power situation is very bad and grid power is not adequate to charge their existing inverter systems, the low cost solution has made tremendous success of the project in the such villages and so far greenfirst had sold over 1000 systems in these states.

More Details:click kere


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