Applicability of UI charges on wind generators

Wind power is variable in nature and needs to be predicted as per the new grid code. The scheduling of wind power has become mandatory from 1st April 2014 for an individual developer basis or a joint basis, for an aggregate capacity of 10 MW the SLDCs are responsible for coordinating with wind developers for scheduling of wind power. There is a new opportunity for forecasting, scheduling, metering, accounting from the wind developers and most of the wind developers are looking for an agency who can provide this services and coordinate with SLDCs. The wind power generation forecasting deviation is allowed in the range of ±30%, if the actual generation is within the ±30% of schedule, the UI charges are not applicable to wind power generator. However the host state will bear the UI charges for the variation within ±30%. It may be noted that the UI charges bared by state utilities shall be shared among all states of the country in the ratios of their peak demand of previous months. However, if there is a variation between actual and forecasted beyond ± 30%, the UI charges shall be payable by the wind power generator. The UI charges collected from this deviation will be put in a Renewable Regulatory Fund (RRF).

wind ui
The similar charges are also applicable for solar power generators with capacity of 5MW and above connected at 33KV.
If we look at the grid frequency for previous year, although there is significant solar and wind capacity added in the country, the grid frequency remains more disciplined and about 90% of the grid frequency during the previous financial year was 49.5-50.2Hz. We believe that synchronization of NEW grid with SR grid will stabilize the grid frequency of the country in near future.


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