Building Integrated Photovoltaics- Innovative Design by Paolo Venturella.

Disagreeing with the ‘eurosky tower’ by franco purini, located in a modern area on the outskirts of rome, italian architects paolo venturella + angelo balducci have delivered an alternative concept. examining the idea of ‘integration’ between architecture and renewable energy, the architects offer a radically different shape for the same building. called ‘the twilt tower’ the name is based on a combination of the words ‘twisted’ and ‘twilted’. the tower integrates photovoltaic panels not just on the roof but evenly across the volume, dictating its form. the tilting and rotating of the panels towards the sun’s rays, allows for direct sun radiation throughout the whole day.

south-east view showing the rotating photovoltaic panels that are orientated to capture sun all day long
image © paolo venturella



street view looking upwatds
image © paolo venturella

detail drawing.

source: Designboom


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