Firstgreen Announces Workshop on Energy Efficient Building Design

Energy Efficient building design is the need of the hour for any new construction project to optimize the energy consumption obtain substantial savings in building operations cost.

Firstgreen Consulting Pvt. Ltd. brings to you a one day workshop on Energy efficient building Design on 23rd Nov ’13 at DLF City Club, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon which will help to gain knowledge and understanding of Energy efficient building design concepts. The work shop provide Step by step understanding of       Energy Efficient building designing process. One day workshop will include real life case studies and analysis of different building design parameters which affect the energy consumption of building through building envelop heat gain, day light utilization, equipment selection and system sizing. The case studies will be based on some of the building energy simulation tools to demonstrate real time impact of  various building design parameter on energy performance of the building.

Key Workshop Topics to be covered:

  1. Building Orientation strategies
  2. Building Envelope design and material selection
  3. Day Lighting Strategies
  4. Integrating solar PV with building design
  5. Building design to meet ECBC/ LEED Compliance
  6. HVAC system sizing
  7. Innovations in building design

Key benefits of the workshop:

  • Energy Efficient building Design Concepts and Implementation
  • Material selection and optimizing the building envelop design
  • Understanding of internal and external heat gain
  • Understanding the HVAC system sizing and selection of key equipments to optimize the building energy performance through use of energy simulation software
  • Energy Conservation Building code – Mandatory provisions and compliance approaches.

The workshop will help you to enhance your skills in building design and optimization from energy point of view.


Who should attend

Engineers, Architects, Building Design professionals and anyone want to have better understanding of Energy Efficient buildings.


Key speakers

 Dr. Sanjay vashishtha has experience of 18 years in renewable energy and brings significant technical expertise in solar project  management, design & Engineering, Techno-commercial analysis and project financing. He has lead the project team in various  projects and provided technical expertise in to over 250 MW projects. He is also a renowned Solar industry trainer and has  provided training’s in India and over seas.


Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha


 Dr. Mathur works in the field of energy planning and modeling, building energy simulation, energy conservation in buildings,      and life cycle assessment of renewable energy systems. He has in his credit 35 journal papers and more than 100 talks, several  research projects including 3 international collaborative projects. Current activities include studies on adaptive thermal comfort,  modeling of passive and low energy cooling systems, long term energy system modeling penetration of renewable energy


Dr. Jyotirmay Mathur


Rohit Jagnani     LEED AP Rohit is Masters in Civil Engineering & Management from USA. Has over 8 years of experience in construction industry working  on several high-profile construction projects at Stanford University. With strong management skills he has an extensive  experience in Construction Project Planning & Management, Project Estimation & Scheduling and Cost Control tracking. He is  working on Large scale Solar projects & Green building projects and providing consulting services to clients and guidance to  project teams for implementation.


Mr. Rohit Jagnani


Registration :

Date: November 23rd , 2013
Time:  9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location:  DLF City Club, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon


For Professionals: INR 7500 per participant
Early bird discount: INR 1500 per participant, until 4th  Nov 2013.

For Students: INR 5000 per participant, applicable till 4th Nov 2013

All taxes inclusive

For details mail us on:


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