Milestones of Solar Project Development and their timeline connections

Development of Solar PV has basic three aspects, Pre-feasibility study, feasibility study and design & development. Every phase is interlinked with each other, however, it is not mandatory that progression through these phase would be liner. The time assigned to a particular phase can fluctuate according to priorities and risks appetite of developer. In this article, I’ll try to cover some important milestones of the solar project development and cover some examples of their time connection.

In general, a solar plant seems to be a simple arrangement, but in this simple arrangement has lots of critical parts, which are preparation & approval of solar design drawings (System sizing and civil designing) and placing order for the finalized equipment (selection of vendor), manage delivery of equipments, civil and structure work, electrical work, testing and commissioning. All the parts required good management skills as well as technical knowledge.

Solar project development

Preparation & Approval of solar plant design is a time consuming process and requires sound technical expertise. One of the most important factor of the solar plant is Annual energy yield, which is dependent on many factors like module type & efficiency, inverter type & efficiency, cable type & losses, irradiation & temperature profile of the location etc. There can be lots of permutation and combination of these factor. So, one can understand that how tedious this task is. Similarly, other points mentioned in second paragraph of the article, has their own challenges.


Now, I’ll discuss a simple case of time schedule of an equipment. PV modules, Inverter, cables are main equipments of the DC side of the plant and a developer needs to freeze these equipments specification at the starting phase of the development. However, their delivery date is not desired in the same phase. For example, consider a 1 MW solar plant, PV modules would be deployed in the solar plant after civil work is over and structure work is finish for more than 500 kW. So, early delivery of PC module will increase the chances of damage. Along with this PV modules needs extra care and this will surly increase the burden on the management.

Posted by: Gaurav K. Sharma


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