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Telangana solar projects: Bids point to bright future as tariffs drop

Telangana &Madhya Pradesh bid result are touching new lower tariff. Canadian based developer Skypower Global quoted lowest bid at Rs. 5.17/kWh while the weighted average tariff stood at Rs. 5.73/kWh, & in case of Madhya Pradesh same company quoted Rs. 5.05/unit. The total offered for Telangana bid was more than 5000MW which is more than […]


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India’s Largest Solar Power Auction Brings Further Drop in Costs

Telangana & Madhya Pradesh declared tender result. In both the result the price per unit is below Rs. 6. The lowest price was quoted by SkyPower Ltd. of Canada. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, this year’s weighted average bid price is likely to fall below 6 rupees (9 cents) a kilowatt-hour, which would be […]


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