Kerala Rooftop Solar Policy

Kerala State Nodal Agency, ANERT, recently launched 10,000 Solar Rooftop Power Plants Programme 2012-13 . The programme envisaged the installing of 1kW*10000 Solar Roof-top Power Plants during the year 2012-13 with a total of 10MW capacity. One system with 1kWp is allowed to each individual beneficiary, with Central and State financial support. The minimum requirement for installation should be 15sq meter of shade-free area and appropriate space for putting the batteries and inverters. The system would be in the off-grid mode generating approx. 4 units per 1 kWp system per day. This electricity is to be used for internal combustion. Central financial assistance from state would be minimum of either 30% cost of the project or Rs. 81,000/ per system. Apart from the Central subsidy, the state subsidy of Rs. 39000/per system is also available for the approximate cost of the plant of Rs. 2.5 lakh.


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